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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Welcome and purpose statement

Hello out there in the blog world.  If you are reading this you probably already know who I am, but for posterity I will cover the basics.

The Who:
My name is Douglas Kozlowski and for the sake of this blog many of you probably also know me by my SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) name, Doroga Voronin. In the SCA I have a great interest in both voice heraldry and historical fencing.   Outside of that world I am a licensed mental health therapist who assists in the management of the psychiatric crisis teams for the state of MA.  I have about 20 years of various martial arts experience that will hopefully prove helpful in the what of the blog :-)

The What:
My primary reason for starting this blog is to track and record my experiences in the SCA.  Most likely I will be using it to talk about my training in the historical Spanish fencing art of La Verdadera Destreza.  Up to this point I have been using my G+ account as a diary of sorts, but since I have gotten more serious in my studies I thought that it would be more appropriate and fun to branch out and share my thoughts in a different venue. I have found great value in reading about the insights and experiences of my friends that are blogging fencers and I hope other folks out there can find similar value from my words as well.

The When:
I am not sure how often I will be posting here, but I hope to do so at least once a month if possible.

That is about it for my introduction.  I hate when these things go on too long.

Thanks for reading.

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